About DIY WordPress Tips

Build a wordpress website that reflects your brand – DIY style!

Building a website or blog needn’t be expensive – why incur the costs of employing a web developer when you can do it yourself?


Hey, I’m Nisha. I’m a bit of an internet geek. I love figuring out how to do things myself.

That’s how and why I learned to DIY my own WordPress sites – and used the knowledge to build WordPress blogs for clients along the way.

DIY WordPress Tips is here to help you do the same – learn how to DIY your own blog or businesses website, and use that knowledge however you want to.

I’ve been a music blogger since 2009 and have since set up my own freelance consultancy business. As someone just starting out as both a blogger and small business owner, I knew my websites would be key – but when I started researching costs, I realised very quickly that professional web developers can be quite expensive!

It made more sense to invest my time rather than money, teaching myself WordPress.

Why DIY WordPress Tips? I want to help bloggers, solopreneurs and business owners like you (and me!) to have the confidence with WordPress and related skills to design, build and grow your own blogs and websites.

What are you waiting for? Do it yourself.

Are you ready for some DIY Wordpress magic?

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